Remedy Healthcare Full Rehabilitation Pathway


The diagram demonstrates our fully integrated rehabilitation pathway that enables us to take an individual with complex trauma injuries "from ward to work".


Following a major complex trauma injury, a patient is usually taken to a specialist trauma unit such as St George’s Hospital for acute medical and surgical care. Once medically stable, they will usually need to wait until they have regained a specific level of functional ability (such as independence with stair climbing) and have suitable social care services and/or equipment in situ before being allowed to discharge home. This often creates delays in discharge and subsequent delays in the provision of essential early stage rehabilitation - the provision of early rehabilitation has been shown to achieve superior functional outcomes when compared to delayed rehabilitation.


Remedy Healthcare is unique in its ability to take these patients at this crucial early stage and provide post-acute rehabilitation at The Clavadel or the Kingston Rehabilitation Centre. These centres have post-acute rehabilitation beds with 24 hour nursing care alongside the Remedy Healthcare team providing rehabilitation by a Consultant-led, multi-disciplinary team (MDT) for approximately 15 hours per week. Our team can work on individual rehabilitation goals to ensure a timely and safe discharge home. Look here for more details about Post-Acute Rehabilitation.


Once a client is suitable to return home (typically between 5-21 days), the Remedy Healthcare team continue to provide community-based MDT rehabilitation from the client’s own home, nearby clinic or gym, depending on their ongoing needs. Community Rehabilitation services.


Throughout the remainder of the client’s rehabilitation pathway there may be a requirement for periods of intensive rehabilitation. These are designed to enhance on-going functional gains, such as returning to work or returning to recreation. Such periods of high intensity rehabilitation are not available through other service providers. Remedy Healthcare delivers Intensive Residential Rehabilitation Courses run from The De Vere Selsdon Estate Hotel in Surrey. These 2 week courses provide over 60 hours of consultant-led, MDT input and provide an injection of focus, structure and intensity that a client often requires to make significant functional gains. Learn more about Intensive Rehabilitation courses.


Throughout this pathway the client will have access to the same treating team, ensuring continuity of care, an integrated pathway and collaborative working. The team will be constantly communicating with the client, the referrer and each other to ensure the client is receiving a gold standard service to enable the best possible functional outcomes.