For Patients

(1) Do you accept self-referrals?

Generally not, but we are very happy to discuss individual circumstances to give advice and help if we can. Please contact us to discuss further.

(2) You refer to the Military model of rehabilitation. Will I be expected to have the same mindset and fitness as a military soldier?

Absolutely not! The military model of rehabilitation is based on using exercise as a therapeutic tool in a group setting to improve function. We use the same principles of exercise (in all forms and at all levels) as an important element of our rehabilitation programmes to enhance function. We also make use of the undoubted benefits of undergoing rehabilitation amongst others who are on a similar pathway - the 'esprit de corps' or peer support that group-based activities bring. We also aspire to the highest levels of function achievable, and encourage our patients to aim high. 

(3) Can I have the same clinicians throughout my rehabilitation pathway?

Yes. The Remedy clinicians work both in the community and on our residential courses. We always endeavour to maintain continuity of care, as we recognise this will always add value and improve outcomes.  

(4) What should I expect from my stay at the Kingston Rehabilitation Centre or the Clavadel?

The Kingston Rehabilitation Centre and the Clavadel are both modern, purpose built care centres specialising in post-operative, rehabilitation and convalescent care. Most clients at the Clavadel centre are recovering from elective operations, such as hip & knee replacements, whilst those at the Kingston centre are undergoing rehabilitation from neurological injury or illness. In each centre there are usually a small number of clients with more complex injuries whose rehabilitation is delivered by the Remedy Healthcare team. Facilities and services at The Clavadel and at Kingston are of a very high quality and include 24 hour nursing support in a relaxing, friendly environment. All rooms are large with en-suite facilities and all meals & drinks are provided. Remedy Healthcare clients benefit from receiving @15 hours of 'one-to-one' therapy time each week from our specialist team, with the content and intensity of the programme being adapted to meet their individual needs.

(5) Where are The Clavadel and Kingston Rehabilitation centres?

The Clavadel is in Guildford in Surrey - post code GU1 2JH

Kingston Rehabilitation Centre is in central Kingston - post code KT1 2TQ 

(6) If my spouse/partner/parent/friend wanted to visit me during my residential stay at the Kingston Rehabilitation Centre or the Clavadel, is this possible?

Certainly - we encourage our patients to involve their loved ones in their rehabilitation journey. Loved ones are often excluded from 'treatment time' and can feel marginalised and excluded from the rehabilitation process. We believe that the more they understand the journey you are on, the better able they are to support you along the way.

(7) I require assistance with some of my daily tasks, would I still be appropriate for your residential rehabilitation services?

Yes, absolutely. At the Clavadel and Kingston you will have 24 hour nursing support to help with any daily tasks.