On 30th November 2018 ProActive Prosthetics and Remedy Healthcare were proud to host a workshop-based, educational seminar exploring the complex journey through rehabilitation following limb loss.

The unique value that the team at Remedy bring to this journey is their military experience in providing multi-disciplinary rehabilitation in highly complex major trauma for active individuals. As experts in this field, we fully understand the value and importance of early, co-ordinated intervention, in all aspects of recovery, to facilitate the best possible outcomes - in short, getting ‘fitter quicker’. These values are mirrored at ProActive Prosthetics and together we provide the best possible results for patients following limb loss.

The day began with a welcome and introduction to this complex journey by Richard Nieveen and Dr Ian McCurdie, followed by sessions on restoring function following upper and lower limb loss by Allyson Ballard, Alan McDougall & Christophe Cointet. Dr Matt Beadman then led a session considering aspects of psychological health that impact on recovery following major trauma.

Workshops followed, demonstrating gait re-education and prosthetic innovations, exploring pain management and the practical implications of finding the best pathway to recovery. The day was rounded up with a panel Q&A discussion before drinks and networking.


The participants found the day: 

‘useful and informative as well as enjoyable’                         


‘a lovely day, thank you’             


‘I loved the workshops and smaller groups’


it was good to see the prosthetists in action and speak to the amputees in person and think about things from the patient’s perspective’


it was especially good to see the ProActive : Remedy vision up close and personal’


‘very useful to see the mechanics behind the bio-hand and prosthetic leg’


‘fun but enlightening to know how our clients feel

We plan to run a similar workshop in the Spring of 2019: for further details or to express an interest in attending please contact ProActive Prosthetics at:    clinic@proactiveprosthetics.co.uk or tel: 01252 702500