The Remedy Healthcare Model

Providing a New Approach to Rehabilitation following Trauma and Musculoskeletal Injury
An Remedy Healthcare ERI session
Remedy Healthcare returning to recreation
Remedy Healthcare Health and Well-being session

WHY? The Remedy Healthcare UK rehabilitation model was formed to deliver a high quality, fully integrated, consultant-led musculoskeletal rehabilitation service with a step down approach.


Our service was set up to provide an alternative to the current rehabilitation models available in the private sector, where referrers are often forced to seek services from a variety of providers, which leads to delays in accessing rehabilitation and to higher costs.


HOW? Our 'one stop shop' provides quick access to a full clinical team, thus enabling continuity and collaborative working throughout the process of rehabilitation, leading to superior outcomes.


WHAT? Our model is largely based on our experience of the widely acclaimed rehabilitation model used within the British military system. It aims to return individuals to the highest levels of function and employability following injury or illness. This model delivers high intensity, consultant-led rehabilitation using a truly bio-psychosocial inter-disciplinary approach.

Our programs are individually tailored, progressive and outcome driven to provide clients with a significant opportunity to reach their optimum level of function.


Our clinical team have specialist knowledge in assessing and treating individuals following a broad range of injuries, from those with soft tissue complaints to cases involving the most complex, life changing injuries.