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Pro Bono Intiative

Picture 1: One of the Remedy Healthcare Pro Bono clients receiving therapy in his own home.
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Remedy Healthcare is delighted to be delivering a pro bono specialist MSK rehabilitation package for a limited number of NHS patients discharged from St George’s Hospital Major Trauma Centre. This aims to complement their continuing statutory care, and is delivered at no cost to the patient, the SGH Trust or their local CCG.


Following severe traumatic injuries, patients often experience the ‘falling off a cliff’ phenomenon – ie. a lack of available appropriate support and clinical input to enable them to recover from their injuries, leading to less than optimal outcomes and a greater dependency on healthcare services and social services support. Remedy Healthcare delivers specialist MSK rehabilitation programmes, which are currently only available to those patients with personal injury claims and access to insurance monies to fund treatment – there are currently no equivalent NHS/CCG commissioned pathways.


The primary aim of this pro bono offer is to provide much needed rehabilitation to individuals following life-changing MSK injuries. The secondary aims are to demonstrate the benefits of such intervention through service evaluation and to further strengthen the argument for such services to be commissioned by the statutory services sector.

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