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Our Patients

Mid 20's, Multiple fractures, Community and Residential Programme

“I feel like I’m being treated like a person for the first time, rather than a number”

“The Remedy Team delivered a bespoke programme which was constantly tweaked & adapted to ensure it was suitable.”

Early 30's, Complex fractures, Residential Programme

“Great team. Great staff. Great stay. Great job overall.”

“Four weeks ago I couldn’t wipe my own bottom. Now I can walk to the local pub!”

Mid 40's, Amputee, Community Programme

“Helen (physioRx) & Jack (ERI) are wizards!”

“This is the best place for me to be to recover and I have the best team looking after me.”

Late 20's, Multiple fractures, Residential and Community Programmes

Late 60's, Polytrauma, Residential Programme

Early 30's, Multiple fractures, Residential and Community Programmes

Case Managers

Case Manager, Bush & Co

"I’m delighted with outcomes that we have achieved with Mr W, and when I met him last week that he informed me how grateful he for the highly specialised support from Remedy. Thank you for all your support and the way you have managed this referral. Top class as ever."

Case Manager, Bush & Co

"Remedy Healthcare are focussed and driven to deliver optimal rehabilitation outcomes for Case Managers, Solicitors and Insurers, not least by providing individuals with significant opportunity to fulfil their functional potential and set them up to have a good life ahead following a devastating life-changing injury. They are consistent in every aspect of business, operationally and in service delivery, and their communication as well as reporting processes always exceed expectation." 

Case Manager, West Coast Case Management

“Thank you and your team for the report which was extremely helpful and informative.”

Case Manager, HCML

“Many thanks - hugely informative report, the like of which I wish all reports aspired to."


Partner, Stewarts

"I have had the pleasure of working with the Remedy Healthcare team and been amazed at the progress of my catastrophically injured clients have made whilst under their care. I have never come across a rehabilitation provider who could offer the same level of early, intensive intervention as they can provide at a time when an injured party needs it the most."

Senior Partner, Moore Barlow

"I am delighted that Remedy are our preferred provider and that case managers and insurers consider them to be the best at what they do. The service they provide is invaluable and extremely effective."

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