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| Services

Multi-disciplinary teams and independent specialists across residential and community settings

“I feel like I’m being treated like a person for the first time, rather than a number”

| Who we work with

Remedy primarily work with clients in the Personal Injury sector where patients are funded by insurance claims. We do also work directly with patients and other organisations who self-fund or sponsor treatment programmes and can do so ad hoc, as a preferred supplier or contracted treatment provider depending on the needs of the referrer.


Our customers are therefore typically Case Managers, Law Firms, Insurers, Patients, Charities, NGOs and Corporates.

| Service Pathways

All treating pathways start with a referral to undertake a patient assessment. Prior to the referral you will have the opportunity to discuss with a consultant the appropriate pathway. As a patients needs change throughout treatment, so may the pathway. Our services will always operate around the clinical needs of the patient, therefore patients may move between the below pathways as they progress.

| Disciplines

Our core team is made up of the following disciplines in-house:


•Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management

•Consultants in Clinical Psychology

•Specialist Physiotherapists (including Hydrotherapy)

•Specialist Occupational Therapists

•Specialist Exercise Rehabilitation Instructors

We also work closely with external partners to include therapists and practitioners in: -

Prosthetics, Orthotics, Music Therapy, Community Hydrotherapy, Neurological rehabilitation, Vocational Occupational Therapy and others to address specific needs as required.

| Injury types we can treat

We are currently a musculoskeletal focused service, funded via Personal Injury claims, though patients with their own funds are welcome to use our services. Below are some broad criteria for patients we can treat and do not treat:


• Limb Loss

• Fractures

• External Fixation

• Burns and Plastics

• Pain management

Currently Unsuitable

• Spinal Injury as primary concern

• Brain Injury as primary concern

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