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Musculoskeletal and Complex Trauma Rehabilitation Specialists
Remedy Healthcare UK provides musculoskeletal injury and complex trauma rehabilitation based on the military model. Our services are consultant-led, offer early intervention and enable individuals to go 'from ward to work' with the same highly experienced multi-disciplinary team who have gained their experience from delivering rehabilitation at DMRC Headley Court.
We are currently the only rehabilitation provider outside of the military and elite sport that can offer a Full pathway of Complex Trauma and Musculoskeletal (MSK) rehabilitation. We specialise in the rehabilitation of complex, life-changing MSK injuries, including limb loss.
Our highly experienced clinicians work collaboratively within a Consultant-led multi-disciplinary team (MDT), to provide all of our clients with the significant opportunity to return to their optimum functional level, whether that be return to work, return to recreation or return to daily tasks.
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